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Jennie Corner from Big Brother

Jennie Corner was 18 when she entered Big Brother. Jennie reached the final of Big Brother series 7 and finished sixth. Originally from Liverpool, before entering Big Brother, Jennie Corner worked as a barmaid at The Earl on Nantwich Road, Crewe.

Jennie, who studied business at South Cheshire College and also won Miss Crewe in 2005, claims to be scared of nothing. She also said before entering the house next door to Big Brother that she doesn't think before she speaks. Soon, she and Michael followed Jayne into the Big Brother house proper.

Jennie, who speaks Turkish and French, hates 'girlie' girls and says she is a bit of a tomboy and so was nicknamed 'catdog' at college.

Before Big Brother, Jennie Corner had been dating her boyfriend, Ben Vickers for three years. Ben, who was a Bentley engineer, was also a handy martial artist.

Jennie's idol is Pete Burns.

Jennie has a crown tattooed on her hip.

The Sunday Mirror has an article about Jennie Corner's survival from a car crash that killed two of her friends.

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