Jennifer 'Nakomis' Dedmon

Restaurant host, Nakomis from San Antonio was the 11th houseguest to be evicted in Big Brother 5.

Nakomis was one of the top four women in the public poll and so was selected for the 'All-Stars' for Big Brother series 7.

However, Nakomis did not last long in Big Brother this time: she was the second houseguest to be evicted.

From the CBS site for Big Brother 5, you can access interviews and footage of Nakomis, including her relating in Episode 5 how she got her nickname.

Nakomis is the half-sister of another former Big brother houseguest, Michael "Cowboy" Ellis. TV Guide has an interview with Nakomis asking her about Cowboy, her hair and her housemates.

She likes listening to muzak and plays soccer.

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