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Emma Parker Bowles's Biography

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Emma Teresa Parker Bowles was born in 1974, the daughter of Richard Eustace Parker Bowles and Camilla Younger.

Her father's brother Andrew Parker Bowles was the first husband of Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Her father Richard was an alcoholic, and Emma's parents divorced when she was still an infant.

Her mother later married Charles Wood, the Earl of Halifax.

Emma Parker Bowles went to Queen Margaret’s Boarding School in North Yorkshire.

According to Vanity Fair, Emma Parker Bowles was Prince Harry's first serious crush.

When Emma was 19, she developed an alcohol problem and also a drug addiction, but by the time she was 26, she had overcome the addiction.

She suffers from bipolar disorder.

Emma Parker Bowles wrote in The Mail: "Maybe because I have nearly ten years of hard-won sobriety under my belt, I have absolutely no problem admitting that I spent my early 20s with half of Columbia up my nostrils and enough marijuana smoke to blanket Wembley in my lungs."

Her life has been multi-faceted: appearing on the BBC One reality TV series Famous Rich and Jobless, being motoring correspondent for Tatler, a writer for Top Gear magazine, a presenter of the Vroom Vroom motor show, spending time in LA performing various roles ranging from being a dancer for a burlesque troupe to being a garage mechanic. Whilst she was in America she also had to spend a night in prison after being arrested for a traffic violation that she had not appeared in court for, and for which all charges were later dismissed.

In March 2017, she ended up seventh on series 4 of Channel Four's The Jump.

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