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Beatrice Dalle's Biography

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Beatrice Dalle was born Beatrice Cabarrou on 19 December 1964 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France.

Béatrice Dalle is most famous for her stunning portrayal in the powerful film Betty Blue ( 37,2° le matin in the original French). It was directed by Jean-Jacques Beneix whose other classics include Diva and IP5.

In a very interesting interview in GQ March 1998 Dalle said: "I didn't find the film [Betty Blue] difficult, it was magic. Absolute magic. But my life was difficult because I'd just got married (to the painter Jean-François Dalle) and it was a very bad time for my husband. Suddenly I wasn't normal any more. I would go out with him and everybody would talk to me and ignore him. My success was hard for him. But maybe he didn't love me so much because if you really loved someone you would be happy for them, wouldn't you? Maybe he was jealous. I'd known him for two years and we'd been married for one year and then, phut, over. I never see him now. It's not dead, but it is difficult still."

Beatrice Dalle married Joey Starr, a French rapper, but that too did not work out and in April 2005 Dalle announced that she was marrying a man, Guenael Meziani, who had been detained for two years awaiting trial.

They met when Beatrice Dalle agreed to make a short film inside a jail where her husband to be was then held.

In December 2005 Meziani, 31, was sentenced to 12 years after being found guilty of raping a woman and holding her prisoner in her own home for five days.

Beatrice Dalle herself has been in trouble with the law. She has convictions in France for shoplifting and drug offences. n January 2006, Jean Rochefort and Beatrice Dalle were amongst those who supported Augustin Legrand in his successful campaign for the homeless.

Rupert Everett provided a description of Beatrice Dalle, with whom he had an affair, in his memoir Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. Village Voice quotes:

"Her kind of beauty was definitely pre-Botox, much deeper than the cash-and-carry bargains of today. Its origins were the gaslit barmaids of Manet and the Parisian demimonde between the wars. She was jolie laide—pretty and ugly. If you pulled back her hair, her head was the shape of a woodland elf ..."

January 2007 also saw the premiere of Frederic Schoendoerffer's Crime Insiders, which starred Benoit Magimel and Beatrice Dalle.

In 2018, she was cast in Evertt's directorial debut The Happy Prince.

her other credits include appearing in a stage adaptation of the Elephant Man and starring the French TV series Call My Agent.

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