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James Hewitt's Biography

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James Hewitt was born on 17th January 1958 in Kent. His father was a Navy officer.

Hewitt has been described as a bounder and a cad and has been nicknamed 'red setter'.

A former cavalry officer, James Hewitt gave Princess Diana riding lessons, after first meeting her at a party in Mayfair in 1986.

Princess Diana engaged Hewitt as a riding instructor for both her and her sons. Their affair began in 1987 and ended in 1992, when Diana stopped taking Hewitt's telephone calls.

James Hewitt commanded A Squadron, Scots Guards, in the 1991 Gulf War. However he twice failed his major's examination and left the service as a captain. The rank of Major was conferred on Hewitt after he had retired.

Before and after Princess Diana's death he has not been backward about coming forward about their relationship. Hewitt collaborated with Anna Pasternak on Princess In Love, which provided an account of his affair with Diana.

In her interview with Martin Bashir, in a Panorama special, Princess Diana, referring to James Hewitt, said:

"Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him. But I was very let down."

In 1999, two years after Diana's fatal car crash, Hewitt published his autobiography, Love and War, which revealed intimate details of the affair.

James Hewitt also attracted public hostility when he expressed interest in selling some private letters from Princess Diana.

James Hewitt has been close to polo-playing singer Maggie Moone and TV weathergirl Sally Faber, who was the wife of an MP. On Channel 5's Back to Reality series, which he won, he said his favourite popstars are J Lo, Christina Aguilera - all the dirty girls.'

James Hewitt also appeared on Channel 4’s The Games. In the biography of Jodie Marsh there is an anecdote of Hewitt's behaviour towards her.

Although James Hewitt has been seen arm-in-arm with attractive blondes he has also felt the long arm of the law.

At one stage police cautioned James Hewitt for possession of a Class A drug, after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine.

On another occasion Hewitt was quizzed by police after a fracas with a photographer.

And, in November 2004, a judge refused a bid by Hewitt to have his gun licence returned, saying Hewitt had "flagrantly abused the privilege" which came with being allowed to possess shotguns and rifles.

The Court had heard how a "drunken" Hewitt had left one of his weapons on his living room floor, and that he had allowed a friend to use his 16-bore shotgun.

The Judge also said Hewitt had been "less than frank in his interview with police", adding "Moreover, we are satisfied he lied to the police."

The barrister acting against Hewitt said police had received a call from a freelance photographer claiming Hewitt had been involved in a drugs deal, and then showed photographs of the alleged deal. It was when Hewitt's flat was searched, that police found the shotgun on the sitting room floor.

When questioned James Hewitt said his drinking on the day in question had been inspired by the publication of his book and that such alcoholic consumption was "very unusual". Hewitt also denied that he had ever taken drugs.

Hewitt's solicitor said: "We are taking legal advice and this matter is still under consideration. There are appeal procedures."

In April 2005, ITV began transmission of its series, Celebrity Wrestling, featuring James Hewitt, however ratings were poor and the show was pulled.

In May 2005 it was reported that ex-Big Brother blonde Lisa Jeynes ended her eight-month romance with James Hewitt after witnessing his behaviour in yet another TV show, E4's Fool Around.

In 2006, together with Rebecca Loos, James Hewitt sang It's Cold Out Here in a Celebrity version of The X Factor. Loos and Hewitt were the third act to be eliminated.

In 2007, James Hewitt left Britain and relocated to Marbella, where, in 2009, he opened a bar and club, The Polo House.

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