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Dave Moulton's Biography

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Dave Moulton built top-class bicycle frames on both sides of the Atlantic.

He was born in England and in the seventies his frames were used by several members of the British team. Photographs from a brochure on Dave Moulton show Paul Carbutt using the frames in the 1975 Milk Race and the British Team Time Trial of the same year.

In 1979, Moulton moved to the States where he continued to build bicycle frames. Originally working in New Jersey he moved to California and in the early 1980s he gradually moved away from his custom models towards the more affordable model under the Fuso label, which he produced in small batches. He also built frames under the John Howard and Recherche brand names. Dave Moulton retired from framebuilding in 1993.

After Moulton left the bike business he hung out amongst the Los Angeles music scene before moving to Eugene, Oregon where he fronted a rock band.

Moulton is now a writer published under the name E. David Moulton and has written a novel, Prodigal Child, which incorporates song lyrics as part of the book. Those who have read the book describe it as revolving around a generation of English children, who grew up in World War II and later changed the face of popular music.

E David Moulton has expressed his view on creativity and how it is touched upon in Prodigal Child:

"The main character in my novel Prodigal Child meets an unlikely mentor an American GI who is a young Navajo Indian, just before the WWII Normandy Invasion; the child is told of a Spirit of Creativity within him. He carries this thought with him throughout his life and excels at every creative endeavour he pursues.

"In real life I did not discover the Creative Spirit until much later. I believe there is only one Creative Source and that artists are simply vehicles through which art appears. This has enabled me at different times in my life to be a painter, I have made objects in metal, namely racing bicycle frames, and I am now a writer and songwriter."

Moulton and his wife Kathy now live in Charleston, South Carolina.

E. David Moulton and Alex Moulton (inventor of the small wheel Moulton bicycle) are not related.

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