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Frank Zappa's Biography

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Frank Vincent Zappa was born on 21 December 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He died on 4 December 1993 in Los Angeles.

In 1965 he formed The Mothers of Invention who released their first album, Freak-Out! in 1966. There were many objects of Zappa's mockery, for example, the album We're Only In It For The Money satirised the hippie culture and The Beatles's Sgt. Pepper.

Frank Zappa described rock journalists as "people, who can't write, interviewing people, who can't talk, for people, who can't read."

Paul Arden in Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite cites another great Frank Zappa quote:

"An interviewer with a wooden leg said to Frank Zappa, 'With your long hair, from where I am sitting you could be a woman.' Frank Zappa replied, 'From where I'm sitting you could be a table.'"

Zappa was a prolific and accomplished musician. In his review of the 2004 released "Frank Zappa: A Biography" by Barry Miles, Erik Tarloff in Prospect Magazine gives his view:

"His hits singles were few and far between (a rare example is the novelty record "Valley Girl", featuring his daughter Moon Unit), but his manifest intelligence, musical sophistication and iconoclastic (although sometimes adolescent) humour earned him a cult following, along with the grudging respect of his rock star brethren."

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