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Alicia Douvall's Biography

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Alicia Douvall, who was a glamour model aged 27, when she entered ITV's Love Island, said beforehand that if she would be attracted to someone she will not let the cameras put her off.

In the end, Alicia was the first to go. Rather than face a vote for eviction between her, Colleen Shannon, and Chris Brosnan, she decided to go of her own accord.

Asked by ITV's Love Island site whom she would liked to have got together with, Alicia replied: "I would have picked Leo".

Alicia Douvall was born Sarah Howes and is known for her kiss-and-tell revelations. The Sunday Herald referred to her as "a surgically enhanced 'serial bedmate-to-the-stars'".

Alicia says that she goes for bubbly types who are quirky. In the past she has been romantically linked with Calum Best, Dennis Rodman, Dwight Yorke, Lee Ryan, and Mick Hucknall.

Tony Parsons in The Mirror has an interesting take on Alicia Douvall:

"Yesterday I learned about the miscarriage she had carrying P Diddy's child ("agony"), the speed of Mick Hucknall's lovemaking ("we did it during the Coronation Street ad break") and the enthusiasm of her latest flame, "TV star" Toby Anstis ("Tony was itchier for sex than the itchiest man in Itchyland on National Itchy Day".)

"I have no idea who "TV star" Toby Anstis is but I feel I have more information than I need about the queen of kiss-and-tell.

"Now Alicia is launching a singing career. She's a beautiful girl, can carry a tune, and she's young - so why is it all going to end in tears? Because there is no mystery about her, and no dignity. Alicia has sold herself too cheaply. The world of kiss-and-tell is a world of diminishing returns."

Alicia Douvall has had several 'boob jobs' that seem to have had mixed success. The Guardian discussed a feat of engineering: "her breasts now have valves so she can have saline solution pumped in, or out, to vary their size ..."

In January 2008, Alicia Douvall was led away by police after reportedly trying to punch a club goer.

According to a Daily Mail article around Alicia Douvall's appearance on Rehab, she has had 15 breast operations and over 100 operations overall.

In 2010 Alicia Douvall and her daughter Georgia featured on BBC3's Glamour Models, Mum, and Me.

In January 2015, Alicia Douvall was one of the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother.

At the end of 2015, she released a book, Don't Call Me Ugly.

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