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Scott Mariani's Biography

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Scott Mariani was born in St Andrews, Scotland on 1 January 1968.

His family name Mariani heralds from just outside Nice and Scott is practically bilingual in French and English (as well as being able to speak German).

As a youngster, he loved reading and among his favourite authors was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle whose writing has had an influence on Scott's work.

He studied Modern Languages and Film Studies at Christ Church, Oxford University.

He stayed in Oxford for a while after graduation before moving to West Oxfordshire, and then to rural Wales.

Before becoming a writer his jobs included (adding together various sources and therefore not a chronological list) being a translator, a professional musician, a pistol shooting instructor, a freelance journalist, teaching English and music, and running a burger bar.

Scott Mariani is best known for his thrillers about former SAS Major Ben Hope. The first Ben Hope novel was The Alchemist's Secret. It established Scott Mariani's name, reaching number one in the UK's Amazon Kindle chart for six weeks.

It turned out to be the start of a long and successful series of books with Ben Hope as the protagonist hero within plots that intersect with historical mysteries.

Scott had the idea for the Ben Hope character while out walking his dogs in the fields near where he lives in an 1830s stone house in 70 acres of land in Wales. Scott sponsors hole 10 at Cardigan golf course near his home.

The Alchemist's Secret was published in 2007. Although the first draft was written in just three weeks. Scott Mariani explained to the Big Thrill that he "had been trying for a million years to get into writing."

In the same year, Scott wrote How to Write a Thriller.

As well as the extensive series of Ben Hope books, Scott Mariani has also authored the Vampire Federation novels. According to the BBC: "The Vampire Federation, his less-serious sideline, creates a whole EC-style bureaucracy through which Euro-vamps survive alongside the human race."

Additionally the Ben Hope series spawned an off-shoot: Tom McAllister of the Thames Valley police, who would feature as the main player in Scott's book The Cage.

Asked by Suffolk Libraries, "Can you tell us one thing your readers may not know about you?", Scott replied:

"I used to drive a Porsche, but came to my senses and got rid of the dreadful thing, and now my everyday vehicle is an old ex-army Land Rover with all the military trimmings (minus machine gun). There’s nothing better for rumbling about the hills and valleys of rural west Wales, where I live. The more mud and snow, the better. Life is good."

The Porsche does indeed appear to be an anomaly as Scott describes himself in the aforementioned Big Thrill interview as "a very, very timorous, slow, unadventurous driver."

You can find out more about Scott Mariani's books at his official website.

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