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Bryony Matthewman's Biography

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Bryony Matthewman was a 24 year-old graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Enfield on December 21, 2007 when she topped a YouTube list of its 10 most-watched Londoners on the video site.

Bryony Matthewman uses the handle Paperlilies on YouTube, which she joined on May 26, 2006.

Bryony Matthewman's popular videos are comedy sketches, which simply involve her talking to camera. Her screen personae include a teenage American beauty queen and a 'chav' called Shazza. She also impersonates the likes of Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears.

On 7 July 2008, the BBC announced that they had commissioned coverage to be transmitted on BBC Three of Bryony Matthewman's attempts to create a user-generated zombie movie by Halloween 2008.

The BBC's internet coverage of Bryony Makes A Zombie Movie includes video episodes.

As far as the Zombie project itself was concerned Bryony Matthewman kick started the process on 2 June 2008 with this YouTube video.

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