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Michelle Gomez

biography by Danny Rosenbaum

Category: Famous actors and actresses

Michelle Gomez, who played Sally Bobbins in Feel The Force, has had a number of high profile acting roles including playing staff liaison officer, Sue White in the Green Wing.

Michelle Gomez grew up in Glasgow. At 12 she went to the junior section of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance.

After graduating from the teachers course at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, she set up a drama-teaching company that toured schools.

Michelle Gomez's notable roles have included Janice McCann in the acclaimed Channel 4 comedy drama series The Book Group, for which she was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for Best TV Performance.

Michelle also played her namesake in Carrie & Barry, a BBC1 sitcom that was filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Appropriately enough for someone starring as a Scottish police woman in Feel The Force, Michelle Gomez has previously acted in the likes of Taggart and Inspector Rebus.

Other roles have included parts in Ready When You Are Mr McGill, Manchild, and My Family.

Michelle also acted in Martha Fiennes's film Chromophobia.

Michelle married Jack Davenport in 2000.

Michelle Gomez has attracted significant critical acclaim.

The Guardian's Carole Cadwalladr wrote: "She's a master of physical comedy, loud, forthright, Scottish, funny, and in Green Wing, at least, a brilliant proponent of the coruscating put-down."

San Wollaston wrote in his review of Channel Four's Wedding Belles:

"Amanda is played by the brilliant Michelle Gomez - you know, the bonkers sex pest in Green Wing who takes overacting to a whole new level and totally gets away with it. Before Wedding Belles, I thought Gomez was just about my favourite actor out there, the funniest person on the telly, maybe even the world. But now I'm not so sure. This time her character is more than exaggerated facial expressions and strange body movements - it has real depth and warmth. And she is brilliant. But then so is Shirley Henderson as tragic, mad little Kelly ..."

In 2008, Michelle Gomez played Kate in the RSC's The Taming of the Shrew.

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