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Rodney Melville's Biography

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Judge Rodney Melville was the Superior Court of California, Santa Barbara County's Presiding Judge and was the judge in the Michael Jackson child abuse allegations case, where Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all charges.

In relation to which Judge Rodney Melville commented:

"The difficulty in seeing that any individual in this country gets a fair trial is exacerbated when that individual is known around the world."

According to the Daily Telegraph's coverage of the Michael Jackson case:

"Judge Rodney Melville a short, stern ex-prosecutor, has made no secret of his distaste for the circus atmosphere of big trials. Determined to avoid a repetition of the OJ fiasco, he has banned television cameras from the courtroom, and slapped gagging orders on lawyers from both sides. These efforts have been only partially successful."

In an effort to keep the Michael Jackson trial moving, Judge Melville has dismissed 21 motions before the start of the trial, banned cameras from the courtroom, put a gag order on both sides and oversaw a three-day jury selection procedure.

Rodney Melville studied at San Diego State University and Hastings College of the Law, University of California.

Melville was an attorney in the firm of Melville & Iwasko and became a State Certified Specialist in Family Law. He served as a deputy district attorney in the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office for 2 years.

In Santa Barbara, Rodney Melville was appointed to the Municipal Court Bench in 1987. After 3 years he was promoted to the Superior Court.

He announced his retirement as a judge in the Supreme Court in 2007.

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Judge Mellville was a fair judge. I only went in front of him one time, and he was honest, and trustworthy, and acted in the best interest of the State of California.
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