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Mitt Romney's Biography

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Mitt Romney was born in Detroit on March 12, 1947.

His father, George Romney, who was born to American parents in a Mormon colony in Mexico, went on to become CEO of American Motors, and served as the governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1968.

Mitt Romney met his future wife, Anne Davies, when he was 17 and she was 15.

Romney received his bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. In 1975 he also received a law degree, cum laude, from Harvard Law School.

Mitt Romney worked for the Boston Consulting Group for two years before joining the management consultancy Bain & Company.

From 1978 to 1984, Romney was a vice president of Bain. In 1984, he founded Bain Capital, an investment company.

Mitt Romney was brought in as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, in order to sort out the 2002 Winter Olympics, which were in crisis.

In 2002, Mitt Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney announced on February 13, 2007 that he was going to run for the Republican nomination for president, however he withdrew from the contest after less than a year, fearing he might affect John McCain's presidential chances if he continued to contest the nomination.

In 2010, Romney published a book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.

On 29 August 2012, Mitt Romney was officially elected the Republican party's presidential nominee at their national convention in Tampa, Florida.

However, he lost out to Barack Obama in the Presidential election on 6 November 2012.

He was the only Republican to vote twice to impeach ex-President Donald Trump.

Consequently, in 2021 Mitt Romney was booed by Republicans at a convention in Utah.

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