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Stuart Price's Biography

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Stuart Price, who often works out of a small home studio in Kilburn, North London, was born on 9 September 1977.

Some sources state that Stuart Price was born in Paris, and that his parents were British and Stuart spent just one year in Paris before living in Reading; others that Stuart was simply born in Reading.

On the other hand, record label Wall of Sound stated that Stuart Price was born in Bedale, North Yorkshire.

There are so many discrepancies about Price around the web - it is difficult to be authoritative about his life. For example, some sources say that he was first introduced to electronic music in a mental institution when he was 15 and others say that he was given a synthesiser when he was 11!

Perhaps these discrepancies are not so surprising given the fact that Stuart Price has many personae. He has produced New Order and Diddy, and remixed the likes of Missy Elliott, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode, and Gwen Stefani - in addition to his work as Les Rythmes Digitales and his DJ-ing - often as Jacques Lu Cont.

Price has achieved much praise for his work with Madonna. The Washington Post said:

"Though Madonna is the reason consumers are likely to seek out a dance album even if they don't know their L.T.J. Bukem from their LBJ, the album works largely because of producer Stuart Price."

Price has worked with Madonna since 2001, starting as musical director on her "Drowned" tour. He also produced "X-Static Process", which they wrote together, on "American Life."

In 2007, Stuart Price and Madonna won The Ivor Novello Award for International Hit of the Year for Sorry.

Madonna told Stuart as reported in The Observer Music Monthly in November 2005:

"The amount that you have grown ... is huge. But I only intended to write a few songs with you. I intended to do the bulk of the record with Mirwais and then it turned out to go in another direction ..."

Stuart Price's career also includes providing music for ads like Citroen's dancing car and TV programmes like CSI.

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