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Delacorta's Biography

Delacorta is the pseudonym of Daniel Odier, who was born in Geneva in 1945.

Many people first come across Delacorta through the book, Diva, which was made into a film by Beneix, who also directed 'Betty Blue', which starred Beatrice Dalle.

The hero, Serge Gorodish, also features in many of Delacorta's other works including Alba, Luna, Nana, Lola and Vita.

Other books by Delacorta, or Daniel Odier are Rap Factor and Tantric Quest. The latter is not a novel but a factual book by Daniel Odier in his own name about his trip to the Himalayas and his discovery of Shivaic Tantrism.

Odier studied painting in Rome and worked as a music critic for a Swiss newspaper.

It was whilst working as an art critic that Daniel Odier met his wife-to-be the violinist Nell Gotkovsky.

He has founded the Tantra/Chan center in Paris and has taught courses on the spiritual traditions of the Far East at the University of California.

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