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Samuel Preston's Biography

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Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Samuel Preston was lead singer of The Ordinary Boys.

The Ordinary Boys based in Woking took their name from a Smiths song when they formed in 2002.

In fact, Preston and some of the other members of The Ordinary Boys have Sweet and Tender tattoos (after The Smiths' song).

The band's first album was produced by Stephen Street, who also produced The Smiths.

Although his name is Samuel Preston, the singer is more commonly referred to by his surname alone.

The Ordinary Boys attracted good reviews and this one from BBC Norfolk is fairly typical, in which it says:

"Front man Preston is breathtaking as he rallies the boys into battle while making all the girls swoon at the same time. His voice is mature and at times swings from Paul Weller to Morrissey while still remaining unique ..."

Amongst those praising their albums were Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, and Terry Hall.

Some of the Ordinary Boys had reservations about Preston appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. In particular, bass player James Gregory and guitarist William Brown weren't keen.

However in Preston and Will's webchat with GMTV, when asked: 'Has it put any pressure on the band because Preston has had more publicity since he went into the Big Brother house?' Will replied:

"Erm...in a way it has because more people will be paying attention to the next record, but it's positive because we have more people to impress with our album. Good pressure - you need that in a band... breaks up the periods of watching Deal or No Deal."

Preston has 'LOVE' and 'HATE' tattooed on his toes.

Preston's girlfriend when he entered Big Brother was Camille Aznar, who was doing an MA in politics, is French with a bit of Spanish in her family.

Preston's mother is American but lives in France.

On the last night of Celebrity Big Brother there appeared to be a tad of awkwardness between Preston (who finished 4th) and his girlfriend, who was in the audience, as a result of Preston's flirting with Chantelle whilst in the Big Brother house. Indeed, in February it was reported that Preston and his girlfriend had split up.

More followed. In April 2006 Chantelle revealed that she and Preston were getting married. On 25 August 2006 Preston and Chantelle married at Dartmouth House in Mayfair, London.

Preston, who had his 24th birthday in the Big Brother house, said he didn't like skinny women, and he thought Gillian McKeith looked grim.

Preston has been engaged before. He revealed on Celebrity Big Brother that his former fiancee had butterflies tattooed on her back.

As a young boy, Preston acted in a couple of BBC dramas and appeared in some Jim Henson puppet shows.

Straight after Celebrity Big Brother, The Ordinary Boys had chart success with Boys will Be Boys.

Preston told the Guardian weekend magazine that his great-great-great-great grandfather was the Prime Minister, Earl Grey.

In January 2007, Preston left a recording of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, after Simon Amstell read extracts from Chantelle's autobiography.

In June 2007, Preston and Chantelle announced that they were splitting up.

The plot thickened when the Daily Mail and other papers reported sightings of Preston with ex-fiancée Camille, quoting Chantelle as saying:

"There is a pattern: Preston dumps Camille and she's hurt, and now he dumps me for her and it's me who's upset. It's never him upset."

In July 2009, The Mirror reported on the release of Preston's solo single Dressed To Kill.

Popjustice highly rated Preston's album Whatever, Forever.

After breaking up with Chantelle, Preston got together with Abby, an American student he met in Philadelphia.

The Guardian reported how Preston's grandfather was an author and "his brother, Alex Preston, has just been signed to Faber and his first novel is coming out next year".

In 2010 Preston returned to the Big Brother house - this time as one of the ultimate housemates and he reached the final. The Big Brother producers had also made Chantelle an ultimate housemate.

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