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Grace Adams-Short's Biography

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Who is Grace Adams-Short?

Grace Adams-Short was a 20 year old dance teacher when she entered Big Brother. Grace had her 21st birthday on 11 August after she re-entered Big Brother.

Grace has a degree in performing arts and competed for Devon in athletics and swimming.

Grace Adams-Short shared a bed with Mikey in Big Brother but she was also in the dating MTV show Senseless. Grace was the picker in episode 1 transmitted on June 12, 2006.

However, in October 2006, The Sun reported that Grace and Mikey were getting engaged.

Grace, who claims never to have had to pay to enter a club, said that 'she doesn't go out on a Saturday as all the riff-raff from Essex' are in town.

Grace Adams-Short's mother, who used to be a P.A. to Richard Branson, bought her a £340,000 flat in London's trendy Notting Hill.

Grace's father, who used to manage Haircut 100, had left Grace and her mother, but Grace tracked him down. In June 2003 Karl Adams was at the centre of an 11-hour siege, with armed police officers surrounding his old house after he refused to leave his home.

The second article is about an incident where Grace's father had been found guilty of harassing and racially abusing police officers.

Before going into the house, Grace said that she was a party animal but that she 'wouldn't get her tits out' on Big Brother. On Big Brother's Little Brother Grace's friends Laura and Natasha said that Grace 'always has to be involved'.

Grace had strong words against the new arrivals Sam and Aisleyne when they entered Big Brother in the second week, but in the outside world people were coming forward to criticise her. The Mirror had a Big Brother exclusive entitled Disgraceful, which rounded up a group of people attacking Grace, including Adee Phelan, stating:

"Grace was dumped by David Beckham's hair stylist days before joining BB. Disgusted crimper Adee Phelan, 35, said: 'I wouldn't want to go out with her again. She's up her own a***.'"

Grace told fellow Big Brother housemates that she and her mum, Alison Subena-Short, are both Leos (her mum was born on August 20th) and that they had heated arguments which meant they refused to speak to each other.

The Sun has photos of Grace in the girl band, Millennium Punk.

In a twist towards the end of Big Brother, Grace Adams-Short was one of the four evicted Big Brother housemates voted back into the series by way of the house next door. However the existing housemates chose Nikki to join them and once again Grace Adams-Short had to leave Big Brother.

Grace Adams-Short after Big Brother

Since leaving Big Brother, Grace was hurt in a brawl outside the Astoria's G.A.Y club in September 2006.

Grace said that she was trying to stop someone attacking her friend and instead she ended up on the receiving end. She was punched and kicked and burned with a cigarette.

Grace Adams-Short was the winner of Sky One's show Cirque du Celebrite. In spite of a broken foot, Grace performed the High-Wire and the Advanced Hoop. Cirque De Celebrité fans voted for Grace and as the Sky site states: "the irony of the once despised Big Brother contestant becoming a queen of reality television is lost on no one".

In an interview with Metro in February 2007, Grace mentioned that she would be doing a column for the next series of Big Brother and had been opening circuses.

In June 2009, This is Plymouth reported that Grace Adams-Short had officially launched the family day at Estover Community College.

She set up the Academy Of Performing Arts in Liverpool.

Grace is married to Mikey Dalton and they have four children.

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