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Alexandra De-Gale's Biography

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Alexandra De-Gale was a 23 year old accounts executive when she entered Big Brother series 9.

Alexandra De-Gale, who is from Croydon, was born on 4 August.

Pregnant at 15, Alexandra De-Gale was a single mother at 16.

Alexandra De-Gale was born a Christian but converted to Islam and describes herself as a non-practising Muslim, however she thought Mohamed had taken things a step too far when he had a cross-dressing party on his birthday in the Big Brother house.

In the first week of Big Brother there were hundreds of complaints to Ofcom about alleged bullying in the Big Brother house by Alexandra De-Gale.

In the first round of nominations, Alexandra got the most (9) votes from housemates and she and Mario faced eviction. However, the public vote was halted on 18 June 2008, when Alexandra was removed from the Big Brother house.

Channel Four revealed that Alexandra De-Gale was removed from Big Brother for "repeated unacceptable behaviour".

Channel Four's Big Brother website reported:

"Alex was in discussion with Darnell in the living room shortly after 10.15pm yesterday evening (17th June), with a number of other housemates in proximity.

"Discussing her nomination for this week's eviction, Alex was heard to make apparently intimidatory comments about her intentions on leaving the House. Shortly afterwards, Dennis, Rebecca and Rex discussed her comments in the garden and were clear that they found her behaviour to be threatening, a view that Rex repeated subsequently during a Diary Room discussion with Big Brother...

"Her latest remarks were not screened via the 'as live' streaming on E4 but were reported up to senior production staff. In consultation with executives at Channel 4 the decision was taken to remove Alex from the house on the grounds that she had repeatedly broken the programme's rules governing housemate behaviour, despite twice being reminded of her responsibilities ...

"Angela Jain, Head of E4 and Big Brother at Channel 4, said: "Alex has said her comments were not intended seriously and has apologised, but those comments will be widely interpreted as having been intended to intimidate. Big Brother has very clear rules about housemates conduct and that kind of behaviour is simply not acceptable."

In June 2009, The Mirror reported on a court case in which Alexandra De Gale denied possessing an offensive weapon.

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